Match Result

Wed 2019-01-23 1X2
01:00Cafetaleros de Tapachula - Cimarrones de Sonora 2.40 3.28 2.74
01:00Puebla - Juarez 1.98 3.21 3.77
03:00Atlas - Leones Negros 1.55 3.80 5.69
03:00Veracruz - Lobos BUAP 2.82 3.08 2.49
Thu 2019-01-24 1X2
01:00Alebrijes Oaxaca - Cruz Azul 4.26 3.23 1.83
03:00Monarcas - Correcaminos 1.49 4.03 5.79
03:00Pachuca - Club Tijuana 1.86 3.42 3.81

It consists in identifying the outcome of the meeting at the end of regulation time 1: You have to predict the victory of the home team X: You have to predict a draw 2: You have to predict the team's victory away from home

Under Over

Goal No Goal

Wed 2019-01-23 GoalNo Goal
01:00Cafetaleros de Tapachula - Cimarrones de Sonora 1.70 2.05
01:00Puebla - Juarez 2.02 1.72
03:00Atlas - Leones Negros 1.98 1.75
03:00Veracruz - Lobos BUAP 1.87 1.82
Thu 2019-01-24 GoalNo Goal
01:00Alebrijes Oaxaca - Cruz Azul 2.00 1.73
03:00Monarcas - Correcaminos 1.88 1.82
03:00Pachuca - Club Tijuana 1.71 2.03

The challenge is to predict if one or both of the two teams score goals in regulation time. GOAL: You win if both teams score at least one goal in 90 minutes, excluding extra time (1-1, 2-1, 1-4, 3-1 etc..). It is also sometimes indicated by the symbols "GG" "GOL / GOL" "Both teams to score" NO GOAL: You win if at least one of the two teams (or both) does not score any goal in the match during the 90 minutes (0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 2-0, 0-3 etc..).

Draw No Bet

Double Chance

Wed 2019-01-23 1X12X2
01:00Cafetaleros de Tapachula - Cimarrones de Sonora 1.23 1.31 1.53
01:00Puebla - Juarez 1.24 1.32 1.76
03:00Atlas - Leones Negros 1.11 1.24 2.30
03:00Veracruz - Lobos BUAP 1.49 1.23 1.40
Thu 2019-01-24 1X12X2
01:00Alebrijes Oaxaca - Cruz Azul 1.90 1.34 1.18
03:00Monarcas - Correcaminos 1.06 1.22 2.51
03:00Pachuca - Club Tijuana 1.23 1.19 1.85

The Double Chance bet type is a much used by the players, because it provides them with a double chance of winning. It is a prediction mostly used in the grids made ??by system administrators or integral development, which must bet the same bet on more games. But what is the double chance? It is nothing but a chance to bet on two out of three results for a game: in practice, you can choose between
- 1x
- 12
- X2
In the case of 1x double chance, bet on the victory of the team playing at home or on the draw, regardless of the final score. In the case of double x2, on the other hand, bet on the victory of the team playing away or tie. By using the double chance 12 Finally, bet on the victory of the home team or the away team's victory, thus excluding the tie.
As you might expect, the increased opportunities to win (you have 67% chance of guessing the play) results in a lowering of the share that you win.
In conclusion, I suggest you use the double chance bet when you're not sure of the final result of a game, and you want to keep an alternative reserve.
You have to take into account, however, that the double chance guarantees yields rather low on the games played, and therefore should be used with some moderation. It is worth to use it instead for the lesser known leagues where home advantage counts for a lot, and then the double chance proves successful.

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